Virtual Present Tour makes visible the devise responsible of digitizing art venues in order to inquiry about the different technical, representational and metaphorical systems that configure the virtual transference of art experiences and the doubling process that occurs when making art venues and its exhibitions available online. The project approaches the particularities, pitfalls and complexities that such reproduction of spaces sets in relation to the acts of viewing and visiting.

Please use Firefox to enjoy the best visitor-user-gamer experience. Unfortunately Safari won't play the 360º videos and Chrome won't play Unify.

The materials contained in this website can and will be edited at any or some moment. Currently, the videos are barely edited, the notes are observations and quick thoughts, and the reproduction of the whole exhibition as a game is in its early stage. Therefore Virtual Tour should not (yet) be understood as a final proposal, but rather as an accumulation of documents in the run, unformed, and virtual in its broadest sense.

Virtual Tour is an on-going open process project that will carry on during the exhibition ‘You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access’ in the Second Research Pavilion in Venice, in Sala del Camino. Campo San Cosmo, 621, Giudecca. From 11th of May to 2nd of July.

Project Assistant – Agustín Ortiz
Punctual Production Assistant – Elisa Calosi
Punctual Research Assistant – Mario Santamaría
Punctual Concept Assistants – Álex Brahim and Zaida Trallero

Trolley Production – Hangar
Virtual Tour Unity Programmers – Marcel Schwittlick and Thomas Heidtmann
Web Design and Concept – Hijos de Martín
Web Programmer – Eva Domènech
English Corrector – Giuliana Racco

This project is part of Mireia c. Saladrigues’ research Behaving Unconventionally in Gallery Settings within the Doctoral Program at the Fine Arts Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.

It is funded by Kone Foundation and it has received the support of Institut Ramon Llull and the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki.